Louise Hooker

Sector Lead Life Sciences
Enterprise Europe Network South West England

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 14:00 h – 18:00 h

Enterprise Europe Network is a fully funded service which helps SME's and organisations commercialise new ideas, succeed in new markets and access European funding.   We use various resources including a database of opportunities, matchmaking events and missions, sector groups and personal connections to identify potential industry and research partners  and make introductions.

The South West region has particular strengths in digital health, assistive living, robotics, artificial intelligence and biomedical sciences. We have many highly respected Universities including Bristol University Bath University, University of the West of England, Plymouth University Bournemouth Orthopaedic Institute  Both UWE and Bristol Universities have recently lauched enterprise and innovation facilites.  Further South, Truro has the Health & Wellbeing Innovation  centre.
Public Health England is based in Wiltshire 
Bridging the gap between industry and the NHS the South West has 3 Academic Health Science Networks.  They offer support to companies with innovative healthcare solutions to access the NHS. I work closely with the West of England AHSN
Medilink South West is a local and national network which supports the life science sector.
My clients span many disciplines and include those working in digital health, assistive technologies, diagnostics, sensors, diet nutrition and weight loss, surgical, hospital and rehabilitative products and dentistry. 

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Areas of Activities

Medical devices

    Information and Communication Technology

      Hospital and Care equipment

        Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology

          Commodities and consumer goods



              UK supplier seeks decontamination, sterilisation & infection prevention solutions for distribution

              Bes Decon has been supplying infection prevention, sterilisation and decontamination solutions to hospitals and laboratories for over 20 years. The company work with over 80 % of NHS trusts and private companies serving the healthcare market providing solutions for cleaning and washing and sterilisation including packaging, sealing, validating, monitoring, transportation and storage.
              Particular areas of interest are.

              • Endoscope Reprocessing
              • CSSD Equipment (central sterile supply department)
              • Hospital Wide Decontamination and infection prevention
              Distribution services are offered to manufacturers with unique, innovative, high quality products which will deliver real healthcare benefits and value to the UK market.

              Keywords: infection preventionsterilisationdecontamination
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Distribution

              UK supplier seeks innovative assistive living and rehabilitation products for distribution

              Part of the Bes Corporate group, Bes Rehab specialise in the supply and distribution of assistive technology solutions, products, devices and equipment to support independent living for individuals, carers and families, and improve the quality of life, independence and mobility for those living with and caring for people with long term physical disabilities, including GPs (General Practitioners), healthcare and community professionals.

              The company is interested in products and technologies that focus on fall prevention, positioning and pressure care, with a particular focus on wheelchair users and bed ridden patients and infection prevention. Products must be highly innovative and demonstrate clear advantages over existing, established solutions.

              Keywords: assistive technologyrehabilitation
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Distribution

              Award winning hosptial early warning sign real time communication system

              Patientrack -
              A multi-award winning system for hospitals that improves patient safety - reduces mortality, cardiac arrests, length of stay and use of ICU, with measurable sustainable benefits,improved patient outcomes and reducing costs. Patientrack is a real-time, always-on, system for doctors, nurses and governance. It digitises:
              • Vital signs (patient observations that typically would be taken by the nurse and transcribed onto the paper chart)
              • Electronic charts
              • Early warning scores of risk / patient deterioration
              • Automated alerting & escalation
              • Assessments including Sepsis, VTE, Fluid Balance, Dementia, Diabetes, Nutrition, AKI (including predictive analytics) and more…
              • Handover
              • Task management and team communication (including Hospital@Night)
              The system uses mobile devices and WiFi, and is available “anywhere anytime” on mobile and fixed devices, interoperating easily and sharing data with other information systems.
              Currently being used by a growing number of NHS trusts in the UK. Patientrack is seeking international distributors.

              Keywords: eheatlhdigital healthhospital care
              Cooperation Requested
              1. Distribution

              Medical Adherence Technology

              My Health Tags is an IoT medical adherence system tailored to the needs of primarily the ageing population.

              Patients often forget to take their medication. The implications are medication is less effective, patients health deteriorates and this can lead to complications, further medication and hospital admission. This all has a significant financial impact and costs the healthcare system over £200 billion each year.

              My Health Tags is an ‘Internet of Things' solution which uses cutting-edge screen technology to tell patients when to take their medication by giving helpful reminders. Vital data is simultaneously given to the patients healthcare network who can manage care more effectively.

              My Health Tags attaches to medicine packaging and links to a reminder unit placed centrally in the patient's home – the tags can even be removed and attached to repeat prescriptions.

              The product has been through initial clinical trials and Folium Optics are now seeking licensing partners.
              For more information see

              Keywords: medicinewelfare technologiesassistive livinge healthdigital health
              Cooperation Requested
              1. License agreement

              Web based suite of programmes for patient pre operative and procedure assessment

              Ultramed is a UK multiple award winning company which has developed a suite of programmes which enables patients to independently complete pre operative and procedure assessments online, anywhere and at anytime. The web based solution is being used by a growing number of National Heath Service (NHS) and private hospitals in the UK. The solution saves considerable time, provides consistency of process and information and saves costs. International partners are sought for licence agreements.
              For further information see

              Keywords: ehealthdigital health
              Cooperation Requested
              1. License agreement

              Extensive short film library to support patients living with long term conditions

              The Sound Doctor is the leading source of film and audio patient information in the UK. Our library of over 300 films offers patients and carers living with long term health conditions the tools to influence life style and behavioural changes and confidently and effectively self-manage their condition.
              The library covers COPD, dementia, diabetes, back pain, heart failure and weight loss surgery.
              The solution is being used by National Health ServiceTrusts and is being used on a test bed for dementia in the UK.
              For more information see

              Keywords: ehealthdigital healthwelfare technologiesassistive livinglong term health conditionsself management
              Cooperation Requested
              1. License agreement
              2. Technical co-operation
              3. Distribution
              Offer & Request

              Co operation opportunities with South West region of England

              I am a member of the EEN healthcare sector group. I work with many SMEs in the South West and local partners and stake holders. I am happy to speak to anyone who is looking for more insight into the UK healthcare system, who is interested in potential collaboration and commercial opportunities. I would also like to better understand the Portugese system and learn more about the opportunities for my clients.

              Cooperation Offered
              1. Other
              2. License agreement
              3. Research co-operation
              4. Distribution
              Cooperation Requested
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              2. Distribution