Raquel Sebastião

Post-doc researcher
IEETA - Instituto de Engenharia Electrónica e Informática de Aveiro

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 10:40 h – 13:00 h
DescriptionIEETA is a Computer Science and Engineering / Electronics and Electrical Engineering research unit with 50 PhD integrated members (25.3 full-time equivalent). It is organized in three groups, two of them more application oriented (Biomedical Informatics and Technologies, and Intelligent Robotics and Systems), the other one of a more fundamental nature (Information Systems and Processing), mapping the major scientific areas of activity of its researchers. Empowered by its internal diversity and strong collaborative environment, IEETA has been able to provide important contributions in problems that require a high level of multidisciplinarity.
Organization Type University
Areas of Activities

Information and Communication Technology

    Operating technology and equipment

      Imaging proceedings


        Biomedical Informatics and Technologies

        We offer technical and research co-operation in the area of biomedical informatics.

        Cooperation Offered
        1. Technical co-operation
        2. Research co-operation
        Cooperation Requested
        1. Technical co-operation
        2. Research co-operation
        3. Investment/Financing