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DescriptionMNKH Promotion Ltd.- Enterprise Europe Network Directorate (Budapest) supports ambitious SMEs innovate and grow internationally. It provides international business expertise with local knowledge across a range of targeted services: partnership, advisory, innovation support. We have cooperation with the MediCluster of Hungarian Medical Manufacturers and Service Providers. It is a network of for-profit and not-for-profit companies and institutions engaged in the development, sales and services related to medical devices as well as in import activities and associated businesses and technical consulting. We have close contact with the ICT Association of Hungary concerning the area of eHealth. We are in connection with many innovative Hungarian bio-health companies and help them in taking part in international R+D proposals. We also promote them to find foreign technology and business partners.
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        Innovative hand disinfection control device

        A research team of a Hungarian university spin-off developed a device for automatic assessment of hand hygiene quality. The device provides an objective assessment for staff hand cleanness, efficiently minimises nosocomial infections. The device can be used in healthcare, nursing homes, hospitality and food industry, clean-tech production, biotech-related manufacturing.
        The hand scanner can effectively teach and control hand rubbing by providing objective feedback based on digital imaging technology. It was tested in several hospitals. The failure rate (percentage of participants performed inadequate hand rubbing) dropped significantly while using the Semmelweis Scanner for immediate feedback. Failure rate was reduced significantly, from 42% to 13% after the 5th measurement.

        The reporting system is a personalized IT dashboard, providing statistics about hand hygiene status and progress. This feature plays a key role in the long-term study of hand hygiene program development at institutional and department level.
        It is easy to use, accurate and prevents large-scale epidemics.

        The company is looking for distributors or commercial agents active in the sales of hygiene, medical products. They are open also for technical cooperation.

        Keywords: hand hygienedisinfectionmedical scannerhospitalinfection control
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