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STEP RI Science and Technology park of University of Rijeka, ltd.

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DescriptionThe STEP RI Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka has been established in 2008 by the University of Rijeka in order to become the premier science and technology hub, facilitating the commercialization of Research and Development and to foster cooperation between the scientific community and industry.
Organization Type Consulting, Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2008
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                Curved dilator for targeted thoracic drainage

                Subject of this offer is medical device (curved dilator) that is used in treatment of patients in intensive care who suffers from drainage problems in chest. The present invention provides accurate and easily set up a wire-guide to drain into the desired quadrant of the patient’s chest.Thoracic drainage in medicine has so far proved to be very invasive procedure with limited success which can only work well with educated medical staff, while used exclusively straight dilators that have no ability to change the direction of the guide-wire inside the chest. The use of invention gives more precise and simple positioning of the guide wire for the drain in the intended quadrant of the patient's chest. Technical problem being solved by the present invention refers to the improvement (i.e. shortening) of the thoracic drainage procedure.

                Keywords: Thoracic drainage
                Cooperation Offered
                1. License agreement

                Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Training Model

                A Croatian university has developed a training model for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS). Precise design of the model that contains 15 coronary slices allows training of detailed surgical procedure that leads to improvement of surgeons practice. The model has strong educational potential, where precise anatomy of human head is needed. Currently the training model has been developed as a functional prototype and protected as a registered design.

                Keywords: Teaching model
                Cooperation Offered
                1. License agreement
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                1. Distribution
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                The invention refers to the ultrasound diagnosis of lung diseases. Usage in the diagnosis of lung disease due to the specific body structure is limited comparing to the examination of other organs . B – lines are a diagnostic indicator for the condition of lung tissue in patients . They appear on the monitor of the ultrasound device , varying in appearance, intensity and number. Due to this variability and slow movement of the human eye, it is difficult to count B-lines. Developed solution can determine objectively number of B-lines during examination of patient in real time. The solution can be embedded in Ultrasound equipment.

                Cooperation Offered
                1. License agreement