Lieve Apers

Coordinator Health Economics
Flanders Innovation and Enterpreneurship

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 14:00 h – 18:00 h

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a government agency, charged with implementing the economic, innovation and enterprise policy in Flanders, the Dutch speaking northern part of Belgium. We do this in collaboration with numerous partners, in particular the Innovation Centers and Flanders District of Creativity.

We focus on:

-stimulating growth and innovation
We support companies financially through grants to grow, transform and innovate, ex. the SME portfolio.

-promoting entrepreneurship
We work together with strong partners who can guide SMEs - prestarts and start-ups - to growth and aquisition and we support networking focused on growth companies.

-supporting clusters
We support organisations that stimulate collaboration and dynamics within a group of companies and knowledge institutions.

-promoting environmental factors
We facilitate i.a. the development of industrial premises.




Organization Type Authority/Government
Organization Size250+
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Enterprise Europe Network in Flanders - Connect & Network with Flanders' Care

Flanders' Care is the dynamic and ambitious Multi-stakeholder framework set out by the Government of Flanders. Its mission statement is to measurably improve the quality of care through innovation and responsible entrepreneurship.
Flanders' Care connects with all stakeholders of the Healthcare industry (knowledge centers, care users, financial investors, care providers, entrepreneurs and governments.

Keywords: eHealthRevalidation RoboticsBusiness ModellingFinancial supportInnovation supportAssistive technologyInternationalisationEuropean projectsCluster collaborationNano4Health
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