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PRODINTEC. Technology Centre

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DescriptionPRODINTEC is a technology centre specialized in industrial design and production. Our mission is to foster the competitiveness of industrial firms by applying technological advances both to their products and to their manufacturing and management processes
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Areas of Activities

Medical devices

    Operating technology and equipment

      Laboratory Equipment

        Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology



            Biotech/Health/Chem sectors. Design and manufacturing

            We can:

            - Make the complete development of a device from the know-how of the company to the prototype or first functional series.

            -Direct manufacturing of parts, tools and new equipment functionalities (Additive manufacturing).

            -Design and manufacture devices for analysis, sensors, diagnostic biosensors, interfaces, cells, analytical supports, detection and sampling devices, kits ..

            -Design and develop the electronics of devices and equipment, as well as conducting electromagnetic compatibility tests. (CEMlab) and CE marking.

            -Release the design constraints of traditional manufacturing processes.

            -Reduce costs in short series: "Mass customization".

            Cooperation Offered
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            Bioprinting is a new field of research and one of the most attractive present and future fields of study.

            Applied to the field of regenerative medicine, it could be explained as the use of additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) to obtain new tissue or organs indirectly (by creating scaffolds on which cellular growth can occur) or directly (by printing the entire biochemical structure needed for cellular growth).

            We have applied PRODINTEC’s experience, abilities and know-how in the field of additive manufacturing technology to design, develop and build a new bioprinting prototype to perform approval tests during the development process of biomaterials for various uses.

            In addition, the possibility to adapt the equipment and the technology to other fields of action opens a door to developments in 3D printing, such as the field of food, for example.

            Cooperation Offered
            1. Technical co-operation
            2. Research co-operation
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