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DescriptionIncreaseTime mission is to promote the quality of life of the general population, with special focus on patients with chronic diseases and on the independent, active and quality ageing. They develop health care solutions based on ICT and wireless sensors networks for the domestic market or care homes. Whether the elderly person is living in the institution or is staying at home, their solutions allow a permanent monitoring of his/her health state and, through a leading edge alarm system, they allow a quick intervention in case of an emergency.
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Founding Year2011
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Medical devices

    Information and Communication Technology


      KeepCare Ecosystem

      The KeepCare® ecosystem is composed by four distinct and complementary solutions for health professionals, focused on the patient and with benefits for the institution or relatives.

      - KeepCare®PRO allows registering, based on one click, the daily life activities, social and personal development activities and medical records of both institutionalized patients and patients at home. It provides a set of tools that allows planning and managing of the everyday tasks. It also allows viewing data in real time, generating medical and operational reports and performing an analytic analysis of the records.

      - KeepCare®Com is a communication system that allows the patients to communicate their needs to the caregivers through a mobile application, ensuring that the caregivers can manage and operate these requests in an efective way, reducing the response times and increasing the quality of the provided service.
      The system prioritizes the requests and send it to the predened caregiver. Both user and health professionals interfaces are presented in the native language of the user.

      - KeepCare®Mob is a solution that supports the patients at home or the mobility patients, which actively contributes to improve their quality of life, comfort and safety. The system allows the caregiver to continuously and remotely monitor the health and location of another person. It uses wireless sensors that allow monitoring, occasionally or continuously, the vital signs of the patients and stores that information in a central repository. Whenever the measured values are outside the safety limits dened in the system, alerts are sent to the caregiver, which facilitates quick assistance in case of emergencies.

      - KeepInTouch® is a solution focused on elderly which integrates a range of services which aims to promote an active and socially integrated lifestyle. The solution has video calls, chat, emails, cognitive stimulation games and the possibility to share information with family members. It provides an enriched communication experience and is available to any device with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

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