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DescriptionCentral Hospital with the best clinical practices
•Promoting care prevention  & continuity accordingly the individual needs of the patients
The best use of available resources giving attention to teaching and R&D
Organization Type Company
Organization Size250+
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Hospital and Care equipment

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    communication between healthcare professionals

    The CHLC it’s a joint venture of six hospitals scattered through the city of Lisbon. For this reason communications are a problem and a challenge for ConnexAll.
    With the implementation of the program SICES (Integrated System of Healthcare Communications) with ConnexAll, we’re able to improve and simplify organizational process. This was recognized by the Public Good Practice’s Award, in 2009, by Deloitte. Again, in 2010, the CHKS – International Accreditation Programme for healthcare organizations, in the survey report of Hospital D. Estefania, the CHKS surveyor’s state, in the final report, the useful to the patients and the organization of our communication system.

    This application has promoted e-health organization and implemented a new paradigm in the OR linking EMR patient to room status and communication between professionals. At the end of the day management can look at the statistics and identify bottlenecks and determine the cost effectiveness of patient care.
    We change the paradigm of “reacting to a problem” to “detect and identify a potential problem”.

    Keywords: e-health
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