Sebastião Alvim

Growth Manager

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DescriptionApp for home healthcare assistance.

My Nurse works for a healthy society, we believe that an easy access to healthcare services will improve our future and the must dear to us.
My Nurse is an intuitive app, working in real time with a platform that makes possible to reach the best professional anywhere you are to suppress your pain. It facilitates the access to nurses, therapists, physiotherapists or caregiver in a more comfortable and safety way.
Our life matters and we aim to participate in the building of better Healthcare Systems and support a better community for older ones. What scare us is what make us move forward:

  • Expectancy life in Europe is 82 years old, but only 62 years as healthy life;
  • 23 % of the population with more than 65 years shows difficulties in basic personal care activities;
  •  More than 30 % of the population suffers some kind of long-standing illness, and between retirees that goes up 58 %;
  •  More than 100 million people suffers some kind of chronicle diseases, and many of them don’t report besides that 86 % of deaths are consequence of a long stage;
  •  That every year there are almost 5 million of Hospital Infections cases, and they are among the 10 must common explanations for an hateful end.
  • Hospital Infections are significantly higher in patients admitted to intensive care units and neonates and newborns are highly exposed;
  • Bed occupancy is always stressed and in most cases the patient can recover at home far away from Hospital Infections;
  • Thousands of people travel more than 100 km for a healthcare service, when must of the times a professional is just by is side.

My Nurse creates tools for a better and healthy life. It is quicker, intelligent and comfortable and for that there are plenty of genial professionals who participates in this platform community.

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Information and Communication Technology



      Healthy Society

      Digital tool with integrated solutions for the improvement of health and security in the daily life.

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