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DescriptionRESOLVE is a health technology-based Program designed to provide support and management tools to early stage projects and start-ups in the health sector, focused on the transformation of innovative research into profitable ventures. The aim is to foster the transfer of knowledge, ultimately leading to licensing or launching start-ups by teams of researchers and entrepreneurs involved in this area. RESOLVE is hosted at i3S.
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    Information and Communication Technology

      Hospital and Care equipment

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            Laboratory Equipment

              Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology

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                  Offer & Request

                  RESOLVE - Technology Transfer Ignition Program in the Health Sector

                  We are offering:

                  The RESOLVE team aims to identify at least 10 high potential early stage projects based or to be based in the Northern Region of Portugal, which will be awarded with support by the RESOLVE Toolbox. This Toolbox is designed to fill specific gaps in the valorization process, overcoming the valley of death detected in health sector.
                  1. Licensing Contact List: Provide key contacts to license technology
                  2. End-users Forum: Validate the technology by communicating with the different end-users
                  3. Validation of prototypes and proofs of concept: Provide financial support to validate prototypes and proofs of concepts
                  4. Fast track for clinical studies: Facilitate the approval of clinical studies by collecting all the documents required for submission
                  5. Team building with MBAs: Embed MBA students to provide business expertise to the project’s teams
                  6. Meeting with investors: Promote the interaction between venture capital/business angels and researchers/entrepreneurs
                  7. Open innovation platforms: Dissemination of technology transfer opportunities presented in open innovation platforms.

                  We are requesting:

                  The RESOLVE team wants to connect with investors, stakeholders and health professional that could bring regulatory, intellectual property, business and clinical support for the RESOLVE Toolbox.

                  Keywords: Technology TransferHealthInnovationMedical DevicePharmaFundingEntrepreneurship
                  Cooperation Offered
                  1. Technical co-operation
                  2. Research co-operation
                  3. Investment/Financing
                  4. Other
                  Cooperation Requested
                  1. Technical co-operation
                  2. Research co-operation
                  3. Investment/Financing
                  4. Other