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DescriptionEnterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest business network and a great platform on which to promote your business, technology or ideas across Europe and beyond. At the heart of the service are over 600 companies like RTC working with clients to find and connect partners to do commercial deals, share technology and new ideas or develop research partnerships. Specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but also available to all businesses, research centres and universities across Europe. The Network is funded by the European Commission and Innovate UK and is now central to the European Commission’s R&D and innovation programme - Horizon 2020. The expanded scope includes account managing and supporting some of the leading technology SMEs in Europe and adding further value to SMEs such as through providing one-to-one expert advice on enhancing their innovation management capacity.
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              Clinical trials

              A UK SME has developed a mobile application for healthcare professionals to communicate and manage their workflow.

              Hospitals use a pager system to contact staff. This necessitates finding a phone to return the pager bleep call as well as pen and paper to note down information for the situation relating to the page. This takes time due to the need to find a phone and when one is found they often have queues. The lack of information in a pager bleep message means that these calls cannot be prioritised. They are also often missed and are impossible to audit effectively. This problems have led to some using non-approved messaging services such as WhatsApp.

              A UK SME has developed the BleepMe system. It is a mobile app that uses closed loop communication to achieve the same ends as WhatsApp but in a secure way compliant with healthcare requirements. It also provides capabilities over the pager system. It allows group messaging, easier bleep escalation and time critical messages. It also enables daily tasks to be managed as well as digital handover of patient cases.

              Currently the app has been developed but requires clinical trials in hospitals to fully validate and further develop the system. Such trials are being carried out in the UK but the company is looking at testing in overseas hospital settings.

              Keywords: healthcarecommunicationmanage workflowapp
              Cooperation Requested
              1. Technical co-operation
              2. Other

              Pharmaceutical SME seeks novel early stage molecules with anti-infective activity

              The emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria has made the development of new anti-bacterial compounds a matter of urgency. This is particularly the case for Gram negative bacterial species such as Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterobacter cloacae.

              A UK-based drug discovery and development company with subsidiary companies specialising in oncology, immunology and anti-infectives, is looking to partner with Universities, Research Institutions and other SMEs who may have novel small molecules with activity against Gram negative bacteria, particularly with activity against Multi-Drug Resistant strains. They are also interested in novel targets for Gram negative bacteria with chemical starting matter. The SME is looking for very early stage small molecules that it can further develop the compounds by improving activity, drug-like properties and safety profiles. The company has expertise in medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, microbiology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, analytical and business development; and are able to add significant value to a compound /program with the capability of taking the asset through preclinical development as well as Phase 1 clinical trial stage with the aim of licensing on to a larger pharmaceutical company for further development and market registration.

              Keywords: Pharmaceuticalantibacterialnew chemical entities
              Cooperation Requested
              1. Technical co-operation
              2. License agreement

              Medical diagnostic device company seeks manufacturer for prototype

              Point-of-care diagnostic testing is an increasingly important tool in healthcare. The ability to obtain a rapid and accurate diagnosis at the patient's bedside enables the correct treatment to be given more quickly and so enhance patient recovery and ultimately saving healthcare costs. There is correspondingly a demand for new and better diagnostic devices.

              A UK-based SME has developed an electronic microchip for analysing very small amounts of liquid and are incorporating this platform technology into medical diagnostic devices. The new biosensor is being developed using screen-printing technology and a marker to identify key parameters, for use mainly in medical diagnostics (most often to analyse blood, but potentially other fluids as well).

              The feasibility and proof of concept stages have been completed and an early-stage prototype developed. Clinical testing with a view to obtaining CE marking is underway.

              The SME is now looking for a manufacturer in order to produce the prototype devices for the completion of the clinical testing process and for early-stage commercialisation. The ideal partner will have experience of manufacturing and developing prototype medical devices, especially diagnostic devices. They should be able to carry out the scale-up manufacture of the device from prototype to early-stage commercialisation scale.

              Keywords: Medical DeviceDiagnostic devicesPrototypingManufacture
              Cooperation Requested
              1. Technical co-operation
              2. Manufacturing agreement