Joana Camilo

Executive Director
UCP - CREATING HEALTH - Research and Innovation Funding

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 14:00 h – 18:00 h
DescriptionCREATING HEALTH – Research and Innovation Funding is an initiative launched in 2015 by UCP’s Institute of Health Sciences, under the Public Health area, to provide support to any institution needing funding for health RTD and Innovation. Capitalizing the experience and multidisciplinary nature of the CREATING HEALTH’s team, we provide support from the identification of the most appropriate funding opportunities, throughout the preparation/revision and submission of the proposals to project execution (management). Our global mission was settled around 3 mutually reinforced lines of action: i) support the attraction of health R&D and innovation funding; ii) foster the visibility of the institutions in the European and international landscapes and the establishment of national and international synergies (networking) and iii) promote scientific, philanthropic, educational and cultural activities (capacity building). This office was created through the support of multiple institutions and differentiates itself by providing a public, academic based and non-profit service specialized in the health RTD and innovation funding.
Organization Type University, Consulting,
Areas of Activities

Medical devices

    Information and Communication Technology



        Assistance in the identification and exploitation of health RTD and innovation funding opportunities

        Provide assistance in the i) identification of private and public health R&I funding opportunities, ii) identification of smart partnerships (networking) and iii) preparation of competitive proposals.

        Cooperation Offered
        1. Other
        2. Investment/Financing