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Semmelweis University, Health Services Management Training Centre (HSMTC)

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Semmelweis University Health Services Management Training Centre

Semmelweis University has over 240 years of tradition of medical treatment, education (nowadays in English, German and Hungarian languages) and clinical & preclinical research, supported by its 5 faculties, 27 clinics and theoretical institutions. The development of research activities (basic and applied research, experimental development, technological innovation) has received increasing attention over the past decade, this experience and expertise serves as the basis for innovation and the application of modern technologies. With a total staff number of 7500 - many of whom are young talents, around 1000 academic employees – Semmelweis University is a leading academic medical institution of Central Europe. Semmelweis University continuously expands the participation in exchange of knowledge, professional international collaborations, policy development and representation of academic sphere in decision making processes, thus allowing to successfully fulfil its mission in education, research and healthcare.

Health Services Management Training Centre (HSMTC) with its 20 years, is one of the youngest, dynamic developing departments with substantial project and knowledge management experience, assisting the development of health services by generating better management knowledge and practice. The Health Services Management Training Centre is organising MSc and BSc courses for younger and already practicing professionals, the colleagues of Centre involved in the PhD education as supervisors and they teach different courses for students from other faculties of the Semmelweis University and for residents on several health management topics.

Beside the education activities, the institute is involved in or is leading numerous international and national research and development projects. The colleagues of the institute represent a unique set of skills in the fields of management, change management, operation of health care institutes, HR, quality and patient safety, and the scientific evaluation of health care providers. It organises and improves the education activities according to The Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). HSMTC is a member of several international professional organisations, like the European Health Management Association (EHMA) and the European Health property network (EUHPN). The Centre has a strong collaboration among others with the World Bank and the World Health Organisation.

Applications of health data for better health outcome

Within Semmelweis University we have a high variety of health data arising from our care activities, as well as from our participation in several R&D&I projects both on national and international level. Our aim is to collect, cross reference and manipulate those data so that the new outcomes will result in more efficient and effective care activities, thus ultimately deliver better health. Then those real life applications can be reflected in our educational activities.


The innovation is not in the collection and the analysis of the data that can be done on small data sets anywhere. We believe, that the discovery of links and bridges between the datasets will lead to new questions, and exploring those questions can be translated into new algorithms, which will enhance the care outcomes


The market for such new findings, and the derived products is unlimited. Industrial partners from pharma and clinical research are looking to utilize such correlations, IT industry is also pretty active in providing supportive applications. Academia and researchers are eager to figure the needs and directions of new industrial trends. Finally government is always happy to receive evidence based support for both policy and daily operational level to manoeuvre the healthcare sector whithin the always limited budgetary boundaries.

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EU project participation and Innovation

Semmelweis University is looking for partners in the field of health care innovation and participation in eu projects

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