Cristina Pascual

S& T expert
National Documentation Centre - Enterprise Europe Network Hellas

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 10:40 h – 13:00 h
  • Wednesday 14:00 h – 18:00 h
DescriptionThe National Documentation Centre ( is the national institution for providing documentation, information and support on science, research and technology issues. It fosters excellence in the academic and research communities, ensures open access to the national scientific output and allows the development of evidence-based policies using accurate RDI metrics (, while promoting and supporting innovation in the private and business sector. EKT's nation-wide e-Infrastructure provides a stack of integrated, data-centric services ranging from the long-term preservation and documentation of e-content, data-stores, repositories and e-publishing to e-learning, knowledge-bases, e-helpdesk, e-training and legal support services EKT is currently the coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, the largest network of integrated business support in Greece. As a member of the corresponding European network, the Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas provides international business cooperation services, information on European policies, innovation and technology transfer services as well as services for encouraging SME participation in the European programmes for Research and Technology. Since 2005, Cristina Pascual has been involved in Transnational Technology Transfer as a Science & Technology expert in Botechnology & Medical Technologies. Currently she is member of the Sector Group Healthcare, the Greek National Contact Point for HORIZON 2020 - for the Societal Challenge 1 “Health Demographic Change & Wellbeing”, the MSCA & the ERC programme. She is member of the Fit for Health 2.0 consortium & the Network of SC1 National Contact Points (Health-NCP-Net) – both are European Networks that support the successful participation of organisations in EU-funded HEALTH proposals.
Organization Type Research,
Areas of Activities



    Research & Innovation services to Health stakeholders

    EKT/NHRF's services are aimed at all the Greek Health-related stakeholders (Industry, SMEs, RTD performers, hospitals in the public & private sector, medical associations, patients’ associations). Services include:
    • The exploitation of research results and innovative technologies
    • Support for participating in competitive European programmes for research, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. National Contact Point in FP6 & FP7. EKT is currently Greek NCP for the Horizon 2020.
    • Services for international business partnerships, technology and innovation transfer, information on European policies
    • Repositories for scientific publications, primary data, research results produced by Greek researchers in Greece and abroad
    • Open access e-publications (e-journals, books, conference proceedings)
    • Bibliometric indicators related to Greek scientific publications, indicators for the national participation in European research programmes, indicators from PhD Theses databases, etc.
    • Official national statistics for Research and Innovation along with a wide range of indicators for research, technology, development and innovation in Greece so as to make them available to international organisations and to support the generating of evidence-based policies (

    In addition, EKT/NHRF is engaged in several horizontal activities such as:
    • Support for research and innovation activities in chambers, regional authorities, municipalities and local stakeholders.
    • The organisation of information events and international conferences. To this end EKT/NHRF is one of the main organisers and/or host organisations in Greece for conferences, information days, matchmaking events, workshops and training seminars specially dedicated to the medical community
    • The provision of tools and infrastructures for organising and providing open data and open content, as the institution operationally supporting the new law on digital governance
    • Publications related to innovation in Greek companies, research projects, policies and S&T indicators such as regular Intelligence Reports which aim to present the objectives, results, impact, activities, assessments and achievements as well as the technical and policy implications of the EU R&I programmes in Greece (
    • Websites for research, technology and innovation
    • The publication of the bi-monthly magazine “Innovation, Research and Technology” and the biweekly e-newsletter “Research and Innovation” & Collaboration with print and digital media to promote research results and raise awareness on research and technology.

    Cooperation Offered
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