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Instituto Português da Qualidade

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Portuguese Institute for Quality (IPQ) is the national organisation that manages and promotes the development of the Portuguese Quality System, the legal framework for matters of quality in Portugal, which includes the Metrology Subsystem. The mission of the National Metrology Laboratory is to ensure the accuracy and the traceability of the measurements in Portugal and the metrological control of measuring instruments satisfying the Portuguese industrial and societal needs.

IPQ is responsible for the national standards of the measuring units, for the traceability of the Portuguese reference standards, for the technical support to the legal metrology activities and for the realisation of national calibration laboratories comparisons and participation in the relevant international ones.

Organization Type Association/Agency, Authority/Government
Areas of Activities

Medical devices

    Hospital and Care equipment

      Operating technology and equipment

        Medical Services

          Laboratory Equipment

            Commodities and consumer goods


                Offer & Request

                Metrology on Health: research and co-operation

                In order to improve the dissemination of the key role of metrological traceability in the field of health instruments, the following tasks must be perfomed:

                a) to assess the current situation in terms of the traceability of medical devices across Europe.
                b) to determine the most common measurement parameters used in medical devices and calibrators and evaluate their associated traceability.
                c) to develop an individual strategy for the regulatory support and quality schemes.
                d) to promote the knowledge to the health care and medical sectors and the metrology community.

                Cooperation Offered
                1. Research co-operation